About the long awaited “Sengirė” trailer

The second Mindaugas Survila film „Sengirė“ doesn‘t have a voice-over so common in nature documentaries. The choice was made to present the mysterious natural sounds of the ancient woods and their inhabitants at highest quality possible.

„After the premiere at IDFA international documentary festival, the viewers told that the absence of both the voice-over and instrumental music helped them experience the genuine ambience of an ancient wood,” – tells Mindaugas Survila, the film creator.

The trailer has already reached the cinemas. According to Mindaugas Survila, its soundtrack was the most challenging part: „To experience the most unique moments of nature, you oftentimes need to focus and wait for ages, yet the video clip is only a few moments long. Therefore, we were puzzled how to convey the authenticity of the film in a mere minute.” The crew came up with an idea to use “music” strengthening the impression. But it wasn’t human music, not the type that would disturb the majesty of the woods.

Eimantas Belickas, a distinguished musician and music editor, helped a lot. He only used natural sounds of the woods to compile the soundtrack of the trailer. You are welcome to listen and enjoy:

“Sengirė” has been honoured to become the closing film of Kino Pavasaris festival. Hence its national premiere is on 29th March. Starting from March 30th, the film will be shown at most major cinemas in Lithuania.